This page is updated regularly with the current and upcoming promotions. Whatever deal, sale or snag you see on here is still active.

Coming soon!

Same day delivery service anywhere in Montreal. Will be free of charge with purchases over $200 and $20 for any purchase under $200.

Recycling program for all lighting designed for hydroponics. This will include LED, HID and Induction. Earn up to 20% off your next purchase for going green!

Trade-in used equipment for store credit. Will only be available in Canada and United States. If the equipment has to be shipped to us, the customer will take full responsibility for the cost.

New Products – Fall is here and changes are in the air. An explosion of new products are coming end of October while we start clearing out our gumpy, outdated products. We recommend waiting on any large purchases until you see what we have coming. Then again, helping us clear out the old stock would be much appreciated.




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