MarsPro Epistar 320 full spectrum review

Today i am proud to review Marspro II Epistar320. Marspro Hydro is one of the best brand name’s in grow lights today. I remember not too long ago when their first products came out. They were cheap and generic, nothing special. Today they feature some of the latest technology and back it up with with well put together, durable products.

So what makes their latest grow light stand out from others?

The epistar320 has a built in management system that goes far beyond it’s competitors. The management system of course comes programmed with the basics like growth cycle settings, schedule timer and temperature monitor. This model even monitors room humidity levels, just another accessory you can kick to the curb. These features might seem unnecessary to the old dog, back in the day type growers but the more you control the environment, the more you control your plant.

You can actually get this model designed with a curvature to more directly aim the light. I have not seen this model in person, nor do i know the efficiency difference that would actually make. When it comes to using up every lumen a light has too offer, i’m on-board!

It comes with its own remote to control all of said features. Today everything comes with a remote, i have even seen a remote to track your lost remotes, so why not a grow light remote. Honestly this might be going a little over board but cool none the less.

What about the light it produces?

Well, built with single chip Epistar LED’s you can be sure your getting the most light for the wattage. With an actaul power draw of 155W – 185W for the seedling stage, 500W – 530W for vegging stage and 700W – 760W for the flowering stage.  This makes the recommended maximum grow area around 4×4 feet. That may not sound like alot, but any experienced grower will know just how much that can fit with the right optimization.

Whats the warranty?

This is the best part of this extremely expensive piece of equipment. It offers the standard 2 year manufacture warranty on every inch of it down to the heat sink. Making this product stand out from the rest is it’s individually assembled LED’s so you can upgrade as Mars Hydro comes out with latest updates. If an LED burns out, there is no need for expensive repairs only for the technically inclined. I wouldn’t let your kid or wife try and test their handyman skills on it but with the instructions, its pretty basic.

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