Led light can enhance the phytochemicals in your plants.

Most of you are probably wondering what phytochemicals are, and what they have to do with Led grow lights. There is not too much research or discussion on them, but they play a major part in your plants characteristics. Interestingly enough their are a wider variety of phytochemicals in cannabis then most other plants.

Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. That was probably pretty obvious if you know greek as the greek word or plants is phyto. They can be responsible to many different aspects of your plant. Some are responsible or color, or enhancing the brightness and density of color. They can be responsible the smell. You know when you crack open a bag of your top batch and that heavenly skunk smell stinks up the room, now you know what’s responsible for that. Unfortunately this means how intense it smells does not directly correlate with its potency like many people believe.

So how do we know LED light has a different and beneficial factor while playing a role in your phytochemicals? Scientists in the UK and China have done experiments on lettuce. In the experiment they grew lettuce using a combination of red-blue LED, red-blue-green LED and white LED. When the lettuce was exposed to 24 hour use of the red-blue-green light, it showed significant decrease in nitrate levels. Even just red-blue showed they same findings, though not as effective. Most grow lights do know carry any green spectrum as previously thought, green light bounces off and shows little help for photosynthesis. Nitrate content can be very toxic for a plant. With nitrate levels being reduced this leaves more room for nutrient contents.

Same findings also show an increase in phytocompound concentrations. Not much else has been determined on how or why this happens. Never the less, with more research we can expect to see ways of manipulation using the right mixture of spectrum. In the end what does this mean for you cannabis growers? This means more potent bud, a stronger smell, a better smell. Quality is everything and we have come along way from what our parents used to smoke, and we are still just dipping our toes into what could be in the coming years.
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