Grow Light Management Systems

Grow Light management software does exist! welcome to the 21st century of growing plants indoors. This software turns a grow light into a customization plant making machine. These programs can be set to take in region, plant types, climate and even influence your preferred plant characteristics. They are expensive and might not be for the novice closet growers. Even for the room or basement sized grows they can be very beneficial.

Most horticulture light management software companies sell their own lights that go with the software. Even design the software to only work with their grow lights. Lucky for us, some companies do have software that works with all types of lights. Although the programs sold individually from the lights come pretty limited compared to the ones sold as a unit.

What is a grow light management system?

A grow light management system at the basic level is program that connects to all the components of a grow room and allows you to access, view and control the connected components through one device. They can come very basic, controlling everything you normally have in a grow room. They also can come very advanced. Some which include sensors such as o2 sensors, light sensors, humidity sensors, turning your grow room into an entity.

So how does a grow light management program work?


Well the first and most simple of the features is schedule. Just like a timer, you can set a lighting schedule for hours on/off and even have it adjust itself over time. If you have a larger grow room or multiple grow rooms you can create individual schedule for different area’s, dependent on the stage of the plants in that area. This is perfect if you have separate area’s for seedlings and clones, vegging and flowering.


They monitor temperature and adjust to the specific temperature that plant requires. It will take into consideration the stage your plant is in, the time of day, the position of the hemisphere at the time of year and anything you set it too.

Spectrum/ light intensity

Depending on what grow lights you have or if you purchased a management system that includes lights, you can adjust and/or have the program self adjust the spectrum of light and the intensity of light. This makes a grow room set up, easily controlled throughout different sections.

Now their are grow lights that can adjust its spectrum, not just to the 3 basic stages, but everywhere in between. Sensors attached in the grow light or added around can actually detect how the plant is reacting to the light it is taking in, adjust itself and measure the response. the data will be stored and you can review and research for future advances.

Lets do an experiment for an example. You have 2 strains, 1 – full indica and 1 – 50/50 mix of indica/sativa. Both strains are running on the same spectrum but pure indica looks healthier then the other due to fuller stem and branches.  The sensor detects this and adjust the spectrum of the indica/sativa to include more blue light, and the indica/sativa starts to react in a positive way. The data is then stored and you now have the exact spectrum to set it to for this strain from the get-go.

That was a very basic example. Some companies, mainly for commercial use in agriculture, are going as far as using biosensors  to measure nitrate in plants. Although i wont be getting into that on this page, i do have articles about this you should check out

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