DIY Led Grow Lights With Driverless Led Chips.

Design your own DIY LED grow light with ease

DIY led grow lights are an efficient and cheap method of illuminating your plants. When you buy the components separately, you cut out the cost of design and assembly. Why pay a few hundred more for an expensive brand, when you can design one of your own. A new top model led light on the market right now can range from $500 – $2000, a DIY kit starts at only $99.

Driverless LED chips

Grow lights are very simple to build, almost anyone can do it. Now with driverless led chips it’s even easier. Before you would need to calculate which driver you were going to use, and how many in the case of a high wattage light. Driverless led chips use AC, not DC like regular led chips. They measure the incoming voltage and adjust the number of led chips in the string to match the voltage coming from the power source. All you need to do with driverless is attach them to whatever your light base is going to be (circuit boards work best,) and connect it to a power source (eg. power cord.)

Create your own spectrum mix

A great aspect of a DIY grow light is that you have full control of what spectrum you give to your plant. Some people like going full spectrum with an even spread across the nanometer scale, while others prefer not to waste the watts on spectrum that plants tend to bounce off. All driverless led chips will come with 2 ways of measuring the light, Kelvin or Nanometers. Nanometers are the preferred method because you can choose specific bands of light, whereas kelvin you get the perceived color of all the bands combined.

Create your unique design

This can be the fun part if your the artsy type. It is recommended you use a circuit board to attach the led chips to, even with an driverless chip. You can buy them anywhere including here. Deciding on the size will entirely depend on your design, what shape it will be, if it will have a fancy casing like big brands, how many watts it will be, etc. Adding a fan would be a good idea, you can buy ones that attach to a circuit board or get creative and come up with your own cooling system. Heatsink’s are generally not required with driverless led but if you want to throw one in anyway, go for it.

driverless led chips for diy grow lights


Components Required:

  • 1 or more driverless led chips with spectrum of your choice
  • 1 circuit board or other flat surface to apply led chips
  • 1 alluminum heatsink
  • 1 cooling fan (including the driver)
  • 1 electrical cord (length is up to you)
  • 1 somewhat experienced handyman
  • 0 led drivers

You can buy all the components of a DIY led grow light here.


Hydroponics is an expensive hobby to start off in. You need to think about the space your going to grow in, what your going to grow in, it can become overwhelming on the mind and wallet. DIY equipment can reduce cost and can better your understanding of the equipment and how they work and effect your plant. Whether your buy the components in a complete kit or all separately, it will save you money in the long run every time.

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