Custom Grow Rooms

Although we are considered construction contractors, we like to think of ourselves as artist’s. Always learning about the latest in horticulture technology to give you that competitive edge. Every room we create, be it a small cabinet to a warehouse, has an incredible amount of pride and satisfaction knowing not only are we making our client happy but we are creating a greener tomorrow.

Services only available in Vancouver B.C and surrounding areas.

We are experienced in all aspects of the field!

Commercial greenhouses

Home grow spaces

Custom hydroponics, aeroponic and aquaponic designs

100% original decorative plant displaysdecorative hydroponic setup for homegreenhouse hydroponic setup with ventilation systemhydroponic greenhouse half completecustom aeroponic shelf with self maintaining system

custom hydroponics for commercial operations

Water and nutrient delivery systems

The most popular system being basic hydroponics for large scale operations due to cost and upkeep, there are still many more benefits to aeroponics and aquaponics. Which method we use will be discussed at the first site survey.

Hydroponics – A  system in which the water uses gravity to flow from plant container to plant container, then pumped back to the top to repeat the cycle.
Aeroponics – This is the method used by astronauts in space. The roots are suspended in the air an a light mist of water and nutrients using jets are sprayed over the roots.
Aquaponics – The art of combining aquaculture and horticulture using hydroponics. Fish waste provides an incredible amount of nutrients and the plants filter the water for the fish.


Grow Room Management Software

greenhouse hydroponic management system

Grow room management software gives you complete control of your environment creating a single entity grow system. This software can be applied to large commercial greenhouses or small home gardens.

Every component can be integrated into the software. Some cultivators even go as far as using bio-sensors to measure the nitrate levels in their plants. Common components included but not limited to:

Lighting systems
Nutrient Control
HVAC Control Equipment
CO2 Emitting Equipment
Irrigation Systems
Fire Protection Systems
Security Systems


All technical issues and malfunctions with our grow room management systems are covered free of charge for 2 years and with speedy service to avoid any interruptions. Full support via phone or in person available 6 days a week.

Very little maintenance other then cleaning and sanitation will be required. However should an issue occur, we provide a 2 year maintenance package at no charge.  All our equipment comes with a minimum warranty of 2 years covering all manufacturer defects.

Modular Designs

All good things come to an end. When it is time to move or upgrade your grow room, you’ll be happy you went with a company who keeps the future in mind. Modular designs have the ability to disassemble in a snap. No glue or adhesives, every piece is 100% reusable.

These grow rooms can be customized with the following features:

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