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Why choose Goblin Lights?

Competitive commission

Average sale per customer = $700

3 customers = $2100

15% of $2100 = $315 in your account ready for payout!

Earn $10 for every $100 a referral affiliate earns.

Gold member affiliates will have access to exclusive promos and can earn up to 5% on service
sales such as custom grow rooms.

Average grow room contracts range anywhere from $1,000 – $30,000.

5% of $1000 – $30,000 = $50 – $1500 per sale!

Real time statistics

The moment someone makes a purchase or views the site through your link, it will appear instantly in your affiliate dashboard.

Track your impressions and learn what techniques are working for you.

Exclusive offers only available to affiliates.

Product sales and give-away’s are regularly offered.

Gold members can receive up to 5% commission on custom grow room services.

90 day cookie duration

Once a person enters this website through one of your links, whatever they purchase in that 90 days will be commissioned. Most affiliate programs only offer a 30 day cookie duration, which could mean they’re profiting off your customers without crediting your account with your share.

Online and Phone Support

We know traffic is not to be wasted so we guarantee once a support ticket is sent, someone will contact you within 24 hours.

During business hours you can call us for an immediate response.

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone is welcome to join our affiliate program as a silver member. As a publisher, all you need to do is post your personalized affiliate link or banner on your website. As a writer, you can create articles for related websites or blogs with an affiliate link included. Some people are social media wizards, if you happen to be Mr popular then by all means, tell your friends to click the link and check us out.

Gold member affiliates will need to apply by email and be subjected to our screening process.

How do you track my customers and their purchases?

We use cookies for this. Your personalized link will have your site’s unique source ID embedded into it. When a customer enters our store through your link, they are tracked and any purchases made will be credited to your account.

How will i get paid?

Our minimum payout requires an accumulated amount of $20 in your account. You can then send a “request payout” with the chosen option of a PayPal transfer or check mailed to you.

All interested candidates must agree and adhere to the terms and conditions.

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