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Here at Goblin Lights we strive for excellence in all home and commercial indoor growing technology. All of our hydroponic supplies come with a minimum 2 year warranty and free shipping. Stop growing with outdated equipment and start giving your crop a reason to flourish.

Our lights come with the latest features and highest quality led chips. Always innovating to incorporate the latest energy saving, Eco friendly designs. Whether your looking for additional support lighting or a full fledged 1800W light with a built in management system, we have a light for you.

Custom grow rooms and solutions for small and large scale operations start with a simple meeting to discuss your needs and vision with no pressure of moving forward from there. We take the time to analyze the space and environment to create a custom grow space designed for maximum yield. Almost any size of space can be utilized and include all the comforts of commercial operations such as grow room management software which can run a fully automated grow room.

We understand starting out in hydroponics can be pretty expensive, therefore we try to provide solutions for growing on a budget. A great way to save when starting out, DYI kits. We carry all the necessary components for  you to build your very own DIY led grow light.

All of our equipment comes ready to start growing with 100% no toxic material, from small hobby grow rooms to industrial sized operations. Can’t grow without your spouse throwing a fit? Take a look at our grow tents used by professionals, to keep a discreet, odorless garden.

Growing is an art form, therefore when deciding on the right light, all factors must be included. This can mean the amount of space you have, environment or how much energy your willing to dish out. So let’s make sure before you purchase the wrong light, that you have considered all possibilities. Learn what to look for while buying a grow light with our extensive guide.

If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

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