Recycling Program

goblin hydro grow light recycling programHere at Goblin Lights we believe in a greener tomorrow. Recycling is a big part of cutting down on our environmental footprint. So, we give you that extra incentive to take the green route.

We take any used, burnt or broken grow light and electronic equipment designed for hydroponics and give you 5% up to 10% off your next purchase.

All amounts accepted. Single LED light’s to full commercial grow op demolitions.

If you are to bring items in person please call or email us with a description of what it is you are recycling. We will not accept any items for the discount program if not discussed over email or phone.

Items can be shipped to our address, which is located on our “contact us” page. If the items are shipped, please include your first and last name in order for us to apply the discount on your purchase.

Only available in Canada and United States. Any shipping and/or custom fees will be the responsibility of the sender.


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